Nest Hat

16 X 20

Ink Jet Print

Currently, I have been exploring nest building with it’s initial purpose of

arranging immediate surroundings to create a place to feel secure. Nests are complex, safe, resourceful, intricate, sturdy and engineered. As time passes, the function of the nest shifts and the intricate complexities of the structure loosen, change and eventually unravel. My interest in the changing function of the the nest explores themes of woven family relationships, loosing control and renewed purpose. This work also juxtaposes the natural and created worlds. By placing the nest on constructed surfaces and within the human experience, the intricate detail of a bird’s structure is both contrasted and given a new function.


This investigation has been through collaging and layering film and digital captures while exploring scale, color, tone, and positive and negative imagery. Many of these pieces are ink jet prints but often times the work is realized in the alternative processes of gum bichromate and cyanotype. The alternative process work takes on a softer more ethereal quality than it’s ink jet counterpart.


Loosing control over the very beings the initial nest served to protect and keep safe, what once served as the center of safety and control begins to take on a different purpose through the artwork.






$650 unframed