Arlo 1

Arlo - 4 Friends, 23 Years of Friendship

After 23 years of friendship, starting as students at Phillips Exeter Academy, Warren and Ryan and Alisson and Mike embarked on a journey that could only be traveled by the closest of friends with an incredible amount of trust. Alisson was going to be the surrogate for their friend's baby. As with the births of Alisson's and Mike's 4 children, this baby was going to be born at home.


Warren and Ryan called me on Friday at 4:00pm to let me know things were progressing. But labor was slow. At 7:30pm, Kathy the midwife, suggested Alisson and Mike take a walk in the night air hopefully helping the labor progress, but also to give Alisson some space from the activity in the house...2 nervous and excited dads-to-be, 4 kids watching movies in the basement supervised by Ryan's mom, 2 midwives, 1 photographer and 1 very supportive husband. By 8:00pm, Kathy determined that we should all go home, get some rest and regroup when the labor progressed.


Saturday morning while showering, I received a few short text messages. With wet hair, no shoes and thankfully a fully packed camera bag at the door, I ran across the street and into Alisson's bedroom. First frame shot at 8:52:49 am. Arlo arrived at 8:53.24 am. 


As the main subject of this story, the birth shared by two distinct couples celebrates a timewhere surrogacy and home births are more commonplace. Arlo, who came about due to the love of four people, is the second.